Yurii Pikul. Decorative items

16.05.2019 - 16.06.2019

Dymchuk Gallery presents the series of paintings by Yurii Pikul. The project was based on photos from numerous online ads on the sale of palm trees. These plants – elegant but not appropriate in a tight apartment – became the artist’s metaphor for painting and its place in the space of contemporary art.

“Today, to be engaged in painting, you must, perhaps, be prepared that all your work will not be classified as art, but only as decorative items. For a moment it became clear to me that while continuing to create the painting, I should always clarify the fact that I am doing this in the territory of contemporary art.

The expanding palm growing to the ceiling in the interior of a small apartment reminds itself of the “grown up” painting with its centuries-old history. Today it fills / clutters the territory of contemporary art with its lush, succulent, but already boring beauty. The magnificent palm, being moved from one dark corner to another, nevertheless erupts with the fountain of its former greatness! A spacious palm, which you want to get rid of, while selling it as expensive as possible. “