Vacation. Anna Bekerska

21.06.2019 - 21.07.2019

Dymchuk Gallery presents Vacation project by Anna Bekerska. Vacation is a total collage more than 30 meters in length. It consists of pictures created by the artist during 2015-2018 on the recreation base Golden Beach, located on the Biruchiy peninsula, on the Azov Sea.

Biruchiy is known as the seasonal residence of many Ukrainian artists, but tourists are also coming here in search of quiet rest and deserted beaches.

The sea is mostly associated with the word “vacation”. Blessed leisure on the sandy beach for many is often imagined as a piece of paradise in the midst of routine worries. However, small local resorts usually have nothing from the idealized image, backed up by advertising and popular culture. These are most often neglected Soviet recreation facilities or small houses quickly built from cheap materials.

In addition, sea holidays with the common silent consent become a zone of violating civilizational prohibitions. The things that are hard to imagine in the urban environment are becoming quite acceptable here.

Anna Bekerska’s collages are permeated with a discreet charm of budget holidays. The ascetic minimalism of architecture, which is more reminiscent of small architectural forms than residential buildings, is combined with elements of the bright kitsch, so recognizable on any beach.