Under the Weather. Yana Kononova

27.04.2019 - 12.05.2019

On April 27, at Dymchuk Gallery Bird in Flight opens the exhibition of Ukrcontempphoto winner in the Discovery of the Year nomination Yana Kononova — Under the Weather.

The ‘under the weather’ idiom comes from sailor slang and means hiding in the ship’s hold during the storm. The phrase is still connected with a person’s state during anomalous weather conditions.

Artist and philosopher Yana Kononova lives on a peninsula near Trakhtemyriv nature reserve. One time local citizens told her: “Go have a look at the weather near the tank.” This phrase started her photographic research of uncertain weather and human conditions and melancholy.

The images in Under the Weather are the visual interpretation of melancholy, and it is not the same as its definitions in philosophy and psychiatry. It is about the state of uncertainty, falling out from the natural course of events. The state when the non-trivial suddenly reveals itself in the everyday.

Curator: Alina Sandulyak

Dates: April 27 — 12 May

Ukrcontempphot is the national prize for achievement in photography launched by Bird in Flight.

Partner of the award is Panasonic Ukraine.