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February, get the ink and cry…
Boris Pasternak

The 27th of February, 2012 undoubtedly is the death date of Mishka Yaponchik*, Sonka Zolotaya Rouchka** and the entire pantheon of the criminal world’s last romantics. That day was unexpected and fatal rebranding of communicative system of the whole Odessa’s world order with its inexhaustible love of life and myth-creating.
Terrorists had come instead of immortal heroes of Odessa, generous thieves and charming rogues, resourceful contrabandists and aristocratic carters. The city of Pushkin, Olesha, Kataev, as well as Ilf and Petrov, Bagritzkiy and Babel now is associated with Doku Umarov, Adamov Osmaev, Ruslan Madaev***.
It is ironic that the plans of Russian futurists exactly 100 years ago, in December 1912, notably “Throw out Tolstoy, Dostoevskiy, Pushkin, put them out from the ship of the present” were implemented by Chechen terrorists.
Fortunately the act of terror which had been prevented by special services had not happened. The President was saved by a miracle. One thing remains to be done – save the reputation of Odessa.
Igor Gusev

*Mishka Yaponchik (real name – Moyshe-Yakov Volfovich Vinnitskiy. He was born on the 30th of October, 1891 in the village Golta, province of Kherson, Russian Empire. Killed – August 4, 1919) – famous raider of Odessa. He is the prototype of literary and cinema character of raider Ben Crick. He is the main hero of series of “Odessa stories” by Isaac Babel. He is the King of Moldovanka as well as Odessa Robin Hood.
**Sonka Zolotaya Rouchka (real name – Sheyndlya-Sura Leybovna Bluvshtein, before marriage Solomoniak. She was born in 1846 in the town Povonzki, Warsaw province, Russian Empire. Dead in 1902 on the island Sakhalin on penal labour) – legendary Russian criminal-adventurist, Jewish by birth. She has inclination to mystification, gift for artistic skills and theatre impersonation. Hero of films and works of literature. She had often been going on tour in Odessa.
***Adamov Osmaev – leader of terrorists arrested in Odessa by Russian and Ukrainian special services in the preparation of a series of terrorist acts in Moscow. Including an attempt on the presidential candidate of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. It was expected to make a diversion after the presidential election. It is deemed that the person ordered these crimes is the leader of “Imarata Caucasus” Doku Umarov.