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“INDEPENDENT” is the first attempt in Ukraine which scaly outlines the phenomenon of Ukrainian modern art and was born together with the new country.
The project “INDEPENDENT” will raise an important question about the museumification of Ukrainian contemporary art which was not fulfilled for 20 years of independency and possibly will contribute to creation of complete collection.
An exposition will be based on certain blocks. Each of them will characterize transverse effects of the Ukrainian contemporary art. These effects appeared in the process of searching a new visual language by Ukrainian artists, problematic and identity during two decades:
REALITY VS PHANTASM as the peculiarity of Ukrainian contemporary art where the reality is always being bizarre and is reflected with otherworldly effect or implication.
DIALOG WITH THE SCREEN as the influence on creative thinking of artists when an established picturesque plane had to accept new media realities of the world. They were reflected in the number of videos, photos, performances and properly in the tableau.
SOCIAL VIEW/POLITICAL REAGENT will reflect important social and political realities on which artists of 1991-2011 reacted.
HISTORY AND MYTH will present «new mythologies» and transformation of the history.
OUT OF THE LIMIT is a bright phenomena which is located out of the common art system.
In the project ”INDEPENDENT” will take part around 125 authors. An exposition of the project will take the first floor of MYSTETSKYI Arsenal (ART ARSENAL) with the general area of 10 000 sq. meters.
After visiting the exhibition the viewer will have a holistic view about the contemporary Ukrainian art. All characteristic kinds, genres and technologies that where and are in the arsenal of Ukrainian modern art will be presented.