Bus Stop. etchingroom1

13.01.2024 - 25.02.2024

Dymchuk Gallery presents the Bus Stop project by the art group etchingroom1, which includes a series of graphic works and a mosaic panel created in 2023. The exposition of the exhibition offers the viewer an audiovisual journey, where each graphic work is a conditional stop on the proposed route. The bus stop idea, in this context, becomes an ephemeral place of waiting, dissolving in the sounds and fragments of the journey on the created path.

The project Bus Stop contains elements of the continuation of the story, which etchingroom1 already presented at Dymchuk Gallery in early 2020 under the title I’ll Stay at Home Tonight. The exhibition had a similar structure: the endlessly long panoramic view from a bus window that glided past a monotonous series of panels of buildings and stopped at their inhabitants. This time, the artists offer a new look at the urban space: the project reflects a state of emptiness, the feelings that arose during walks through a deserted city. The authors express their perspective on moments when life seems to slow or unexpectedly stop for known/unknown reasons.

etchingroom1 is the artistic group founded in 2016 by two graphic artists Kristina Yarosh and Anna Khodkova in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The group actively participates in exhibitions abroad and in Ukraine, among which two personal projects were realized in the Dymchuk Gallery: Careful, Just Like That (2018), and I Will Stay at Home Tonight (2020).