IGOR GUSEV Aesthetics and Discipline 2008

Igor Gusev belongs to a group of young and successful artists who conquered the Olympus of contemporary Ukrainian art. His celebrity status has long been confirmed by participation in such prestigious exhibitions as A Farewell to Arms (Art Arsenal, 2004) organized by Victor Pinchuk, which became the foundation for the PinchukArtcentre collection, as well as by constant participation in the KievFineArt annual exhibitions (2007 and 2008) organized by the TOP 10 magazine, where the top 10 Ukrainian artists were presented, as the title suggests, and by cooperation with prestigious (and very expensive) ArtLondon gallery in England… What attracts the audiences, art critics and all art lovers, to Gusev’s art? First of all, these are high-end painting skills – Igor is an expert in all the variety of art techniques, from hyper-realism and impressionism to avant-garde and expressionist styling techniques. Other attractions are his imagination, lightness (as a synonym for being “non-worn-out”), irony, intrigue and striking creative individuality. The resulting “magic of perception” makes the artist a Creator and his works – art masterpieces.