Yuriy Solomko “The NON-GMO”

23.01.2014 - 10.03.2014


Yuriy Solomko “The NON-GMO”

January 23 – March 10

Dymchuk Gallery presents more than 10 paintings by the artist: paintings from the series, which has never been seen before by public, as well as new works created specially for the project “The NON-GMO”. Narrative content of paintings deals with a variety of natural forms – unexpectedly increased and detailed juicy tomatoes, green cucumbers and ripe raspberry colourfully merge into a single composition.

“Subject of his paintings addresses to basic national values of Ukraine, where the village, garden, garden bed always determine not only life, but in many respects the culture and mentality. The artist himself emphasizes, “This is Ukrainian Southeast”, his small homeland. There are a lot of sun, space and healthy food here and people can be healthy … His favorite topic – images that define space he transforms here by the principle “from small to big”, from lovely contemplation of diverse natural forms to unexpected monumentalization of their spatial qualities. Zooming makes the art.”

Halyna Sklyarenko