The Great Finding. Step Three. Serhiy Melnychenko, Mitya Fenechkin

07.09.2023 - 22.10.2023

Dymchuk Gallery presents the collaboration project of Serhiy Melnychenko and Mitya Fenechkin ‘The Great Finding. Step Three’. The project included photographs by Serhiy Melnychenko from the series ‘Fundamental space explorations of naked singularity’, graphic works by Mitya Fenechkin, and NFT-3D animations by Volodymyr Lysenko.

The project focuses on questions that arise before a person in the moment of searching for himself and his personality, his place in the universe. Atmospheric cosmic works of artists convey the state in which a person is metaphorically standing before the horizon of events.

The event horizon is an astrophysical phenomenon, the limit beyond which events are not yet able to affect the observer. The scale of such an inner search is incomprehensible to other people. Drawing such an analogy, through self-alienation and the feeling of being an alien on one’s planet, the artists create a picture of what happens to a person in anticipation of his vague future before the horizon of events.