OLE! Les` Podervyanskyi

21.10.2021 - 21.11.2021

Dymchuk gallery presents Les Poderviansky’s project ‘Ole!’. The project consists of 8 paintings from ‘Corrida’ series made by the artist this year. In terms of composition, the paintings resemble Japanese poetry, where drama is built upon the correlation between man and the natural environment, which is figuratively shown by color, featuring hardly noticeable, yet critically significant details: a tense motionless posture, a gaze, a sword. The figure of the matador demonstrates a resistance to the global elimination of identity.

The exhibition also features a brand-new book by Poderviansky, ‘Strolls in the secret garden of Yomasala Hoohis in the company ofan artist & Kung-Fu master’, an anthology of the author’s pictures and a collection of aphoristic stories about the way of the samurai, painting, and the art of strategy.

Les Poderviansky is well known to the wide audience as the author of ‘Hamlet; or, the phenomenon of Dutch katsapism’, ‘Vasilisa Yegorovna and the men’, ‘Pavlik Morozov’, and numerous other plays. The founders of Dymchuk Gallery have previously collaborated with Les Poderviansky and supported theatrical production of ‘Pavlik Morozov’ play. In 1976, Poderviansky graduated from the Kiev National Artistic Institute (now the National Academy of Fine arts and architecture), faculty of painting, monumental department. Since 1976, the artist has been carrying on his exhibitory activity. His works are kept in a variety of museums and galleries, including the National Artistic Museum of Ukraine, the Museum of Russian art, Voronezh artistic museum, Glasnost Gallery (Nuremberg), Domino Gallery (Göteborg), as well as in numerous private collections in the USA, Poland, Canada, Israel, Ukraine, Russia, etc.