Looking Through. Anatoly Gankevych

02.11.2017 - 15.01.2018

Dymchuk Gallery presents the exhibition Looking Through by Anatoly Gankevych. The exhibition features 14 photos taken by the artist in India.

Anatoly Gankevych is known for reconsidering Soviet narratives in the technique of imitation of a mosaic on canvas. However, in a series of photos Looking Through, Gankevych focused on another story that has also been his interest for a long time, and has already been outlined in the Thin Plans project (Odessa, Kyiv, 2016). As the artist with a great experience in the film industry he builds his work with any material with the principles of observation, creation of the atmosphere, combination of different plans and attention to details. It is also a base for the photographic series Looking Through. While traveling in South India, Gankevych was observing surrounding landscapes attentively but relaxed, watched and meditated so that the beauty of the exotic nature opened to the attentive eye. With such a concentrated but enervate sight the hidden matter of this world opens to the one who looks.