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The Opening of the Dymchuk Gallery

with “The Warrior’s way”

by Les’ Podervyanskyi


The Opening of the Dymchuk Gallery – February 7 at 6 PM, 21 Yaroslavska Street, Kiev

The strict motto of the Gallery’s activity is to popularize Contemporary Art by means of discovering, exhibiting and promoting young talents, along side of the prominent Ukrainian artists, in active co-operation with the International partner galleries presenting their own artists. An ongoing educational program, in the form of lectures, master-classes, meetings with the artists, talk-and cinema shows, would, quite naturally, will accompany the gallery’s main activity.

Although the gallery’s exhibition space has just been officially opened, the Dymchuk Gallery has made itself known before, quite convincingly as an active and permanent player on the contemporary art scene in Ukraine. Some of the most successful projects already realized by the Gallery’s were – “RESTART ODESSA” (2009), “RESTART KYIV” (2010), “Star Wars” (2010), Igor Gusev’s solo exhibition – “Tender Snowfall Simulator” (2012) at the Centre of Contemporary Art М17, and the project “To Save the President” (2012) which was included in the Satellite Program of the First Kiev International Biennale of Contemporary Art – “ARSENALE 2012”.
The Dymchuk Gallery has had its impressive opening with a solo exhibition by a prominent playwright and artist, Les’ Podervyansky, titled “The Path of the Warrior”.
Les’ Podervyanskyi has gained his wide celebrity status as an author of glorious plays such as “Hamlet, or the Danish Katsapism’s Phenomenon”, “Vasilisa Yegorowna and Muzhitchki”, “Pavlik Morozov” & many others. The founders of the Dymchuk Gallery have already collaborated with Podervyanskyi helping to promote his stage-realization of “Pavlik Morozov”. After studying monumental painting at the Kiev State Art Institute (now re-titled as National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture) and graduating in 1976, Podervyanskyi took part in many exhibitions. His works are kept in numerous museums and galleries such as Kiev National Museum of Ukraine and The Russian Art Museum, Art Museum in Voronezh, Glasnost Gallery (Nuremberg), Domino Gallery(Goetheborg) and in private collections in USA, Poland, Canada,Israel, Ukraine, Russia and other.
The exhibition presented by the Dymchuk Gallery features a series of works created by the artist during past year. All of them are dedicated to the Japanese samurai of XIV-XV cent. Мiyamoto Мushashi, specifically to his treatise – “Book of Five Rings”. An invincible warrior, the inventor of the sword-combat school “Ni-to” and an artist, Mushashi, at the age of 60 wrote the treatise on the art of strategy – “Book of Five Rings”. Quite noteworthy are theoretical ideas expounded in the book, i.e. impeccable samurai’s personal experience of strategy principles and spirit’s commandments. Maybe that is the reason why the treatise is so highly appreciated, not only by martial arts’ students, but by businesspeople and politicians alike.
Meditating on the lessons taught by Mushashi, Podervyanskyi has created a kind of illustration to every part of the five volume treatise: Book of the Earth; Book of the Water; Book of the Fire: Book of the Wind; and Book of the Void.