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From 21 to 24 May in the main city of South Tyrol – Bolzano held 6-th International Exhibition “KUNSTART 2009. ¬ęKUNSTART 2009” is designed for galleries, museums and retail companies that specialize in contemporary art. Of particular interest is the exhibition presents for professional artists. It is one of the most important components of the program of the European contemporary art exhibitions and is also designed to demonstrations of works by young artists.

To participate in KUNSTART 2009 were invited more than 80 galleries from around the world, located its exposure to an area of about 25,000 square meters. m. In the framework of the exhibition held several conferences and seminars on art history.

NT-Art Gallery showcased the work of both famous artists and photographers – A. Rotburd, Guseva, S. Zhalobnyuk, Yu. Solomko, F. Taralevich, A. Shevchuk, and aslo advanced beginners – A. Rudoy, and S. Ryabchenko.