Group exhibition “Ridicule”

09.07.2015 - 30.08.2015


Group Exhibition “Ridicule”

09.07 – 30.08

Starting from the 9th of July one can see a group exhibition “Ridicule” which includes 11 Ukrainian women artists in the Dymchuk Gallery. The project offers a new interpretation of the long-standing opposition between arts and craft that has been actualized in the art world in recent years. The artists look for the new possibilities for their critical statements applying to the artistic tradition of crafts. They also address issues of art works’ utility and functionality, the role of materials and techniques for the viewer’s reception of work and also touch upon a question the realization of “women creativity” in the patriarchal art discourse. The participants of the exhibition include Lera Fokina, Bella Logacheva, Natalya Marinenko, Francoise Oz, Grycja Erde, Irina Ozarinskaya, Tatiana Malinovskaya, Nina Murashkina, Tatiana Sklyar, Zhanna Kadyrova, Kinder Album.