EtchingRoom1. I will stay at home tonight

30.01.2020 - 01.03.2020

Dymchuk Gallery presents a solo exhibition by EtchingRoom1, featuring Christina Yarosh and Anna Khodkova. The project consists of graphic works and installation of collective authorship.

The artists work in modular etching technique, combining the prints of several copper plates on one sheet. This approach allows them to combine repeating elements, complementing them with hand drawn graphics, texts and collage. The logical continuation of their creative method is self-citation: recognizable images in a different form “travel” from one work to another, and sometimes go beyond them in the form of independent objects.

The main theme of EtchingRoom1 is the city and the people who inhabit it. The artists capture the prosaic, often harsh, moments in life in the metropolis and compile them into generalized, poetic compositions.

In the series presented, the fine graphics of classic black and white etching are combined with deliberately “naive” color drawings. The childlike style contrasts with the disturbing plots that unfold in the commuter town of the post-Soviet city. Created with a great sense of irony, the works evoke a mixed feeling of anxiety and satisfaction.

EtchingRoom1 is a printmaking workshop founded in Kyiv in 2016 by Christina Yarosh and Anna Khodkova. The artists work in such graphic techniques as linocut, etching, cardboard engraving, monotype, silkscreen, and creating artbooks. The studio produces educational events, actively organizes and participates in exhibitions.