Etching Room #1: Caution, for no reason

18.01.2018 - 26.02.2018

Etching Room # 1 (Kristine Yarosh, Anna Hodkova)

January 18 – February 26

Dymchuk Gallery  starts  2018 with the exhibition of young Ukrainian artists Kristina Yarosh and Anna Hodkova, working together as the Etching Room #1. The exhibition features both works by each single artist and  collective works, as well as found objects that have become prototype or inspiration for the art pieces

In this project Yarosh and Hodkova are exploring public space of the city. The accuracy, nuance and contrast, that are the  attributes of etching allow them to  exert  particular elements of the urban landscape, whether they are a building, a crowd or an enamel plate from the USSR. Located in the void of the paper sheet, devoid of context, these elements appear in all their completeness and reveal themselves to the viewer. Nevertheless, this seemingly surgical operation of the isolation of objects does not lead to lifelessness and detachment of the graphic, on the contrary – it shows the inner life of the depicted objects. Empty space is often filled with writings or small elements, figures that seem to be outside, but all together they create a harmonious space of the graphic sheet.

The interweaving of fictional and real worlds as an artistic approach characterizes Yarosh and Hodkova art practice, and the project Caution, for no reason is not an exception. The title, of course, appeals to many overabundant remnants  of the past epochs, first of all the Soviet period: plates at the entrances of the houses and doors of public institutions with warning or inductive inscriptions.