Dymchuk Gallery will participate in the Kyiv Art Week, which will be held on June 15th-20th 2016

Within the Kyiv Art Week Dymchuk Gallery will present a project that brings together works of two Odesa artists – Igor Gusev (1970) and Volodymyr Kozhukhar (1968). Selected works “Knights of the revolution”, “Nigoyan Avenue” (2014) by Gusev and “Arbour”, “Bench” (2007) by Kozhukhar, just to name a few, date from the different periods and dissect reality. The artists reveal numerous mysteries and inexplicable symbols under the ordinary surface of the surrounding world. Gusev opens a portal through the agency of drawing up surreal scenes, blurring and stretching the details of the image in an endless hang. Kozhukhar, in his own way, sometimes even with the documentary precision, depicts instantly snatched screenshots of urban reality, emphasizing one emotion, which encompasses with unexpected anxiety and makes one suspect that conspiracy lies behind the presentational events.

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