Oleg Tistol


Born in Vradiivka, Mykolaiv region in 1960.
Education: 1974 – 1978 – Kyiv Republican Art School, Kyiv, Ukraine.
1979 – 1984 – Lviv State Academy of Arts, Lviv, Ukraine.

Selected personal and group exhibitions:

2015 New Perspectives: 8 Contemporary Artists from Ukraine, The Ukrainian Institute of America, New York, USA
2015 They are tired, 32 Vozdvizhenka Arts House, Kyiv
2015 Borderline. Ukrainian Art 1985–2004, PinchukArtCentre, Kyiv
2015 Ukraine. Transformation der Moderne, Österreichisches Museum für Volkskunde, Vienna, Austria
2014 Art that saves, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine
2014 Motherland, Focus magazine, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine
2014 Ukrainian Landscape, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Karas Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2013 Industrial Eden, Institute of Contemporary Art, Kiev, Ukraine
2013 Modern Ukrainian artists, Saatchi Gallery, London, Great Britain
2013 Odessa Biennale of Contemporary Art, Odessa, Ukraine
2013 August Agenda, Dymchuk Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2013 Race with time: The Art of the 1960s – early 2000s, National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine
2009 RESTART, Marine Art – Terminal, Odesa, Ukraine
2009 Khudfond, Museum of Contemporary Art, , Мoscow, Russia
2009 Аssortment, Ya Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2008 Ukrainian Art Today, Museum of Russian Art, Kiev, Ukraine
2008 Ideal Age, Collection gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2008 UBK, Collection Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine
2007 Reflection, PinchukArtCentre, Kyiv, Ukraine
2007 Class Work, Ya-Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine
2007 Television, World Bank Building, Moscow, Russia
2006 Made in UKR, Tsekh gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2006 New Space, PinchukArtCentre, Kyiv, Ukraine
2006 Ararat-06, Ya-Design Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine
2005 Reality Check, Ukrainian House, Kyiv, Ukraine
2004 Farewell to Arms, Art Аrsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine
2003 Natsprom, Guelman Gallery, Мoscow, Russia
2003 The First Collection, Central House of Artists, Kiev, Ukraine
2002 National Geography,M. Guelman Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine
2002 Behind Threshold, Аrt Moscow, Мoscow, Russia
2001 TheFirst Ukrainian Project, 49th Venice Biennial, Venice, Italy
2000 Intervals, National Art Museum, Kiev, Ukraine—Henie-Onstad Museum, Oslo
2000 Paintings, Atelier Karas gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
1999 Preventive Measures, Passage de Retz, Paris, France
2999 20 Ukrainian Artists. End of the Century,Atelier Karas gallery, Kiev, Ukraine
1998 Per Gynt, National Art Gallery, Tronheim, Norway
1997 Photosynthesis, Artists’ Union Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
1996 Interphoto, International Photo Biennale, Moscow, Russia
1995 Kiev Art Meetings, Ukrainian House, Kiev, Ukraine
1994 Free Zone, Museum of Fine Arts, Odessa, Ukraine
1994 22nd International Biennial, Sao Paulo, Brazil
1993 Europe?s Steppe, Center for Contemporary Art Uyazdovsky Castle, Warsaw
1992 Nine Days, St. Alban Tal, Basel, Switzerland
1991 Shared Earth, Peterborough Museum, Peterborough, UK
1991 An A ct of Artistic Opposition, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia
1990 The End of the Century, National Gallery of Iceland, Reykjavik
1990 In der USSR en Erbuiten, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
1989 Eidos, The Youth Palace, Moscow, Russia
1987 Kiev-Tallinn, Polytechnic Institute, Kiev