Volodymyr Kozhukhar


Born in 1968 in Odesa, Ukraine.
Lives and works in Odesa.
Education: Ushyns’kiy South-Ukrainian Pedagogical University (art-graphic department).

Selected personal and group exhibitions:

2015 Resource, Yatlo Gallery, Odesa
2015 Blago tvori Natalie Vorona by KS Gallery, KS Gallery, Kyiv
2014 The Show within the show, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine
2013 August Agenda, Dymchuk Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2013 Odessa school. Traditions and actuality, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine
2009 RESTART, Marine Art – Terminal, Odesa, Ukraine
2009 Resource, Yatlo gallery, Odesa, Ukraine
2007 The Forest, Arsenal gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2007 Top 10, Kyiv. Fine Art gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2006 The Point, Regina gallery, Moscow, Russia
2006 Go, Ukraine, go!, Regina gallery, Moscow, Russia
2005 My Soviet Union, Regina gallery, Moscow, Russia
2003 No comment, Centre of Contemporary Art, Kyiv, Ukraine
2003 The Uncertainty of the Visible, L-Art gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2003 New Ukrainian Painting, Regina gallery, Moscow, Russia
2002 The Best, Passage, Moscow, Russia
2001 When I’m Sixty Four, Regina gallery, Moscow, Russia
1999 Living Boxes, Tirs gallery, Odesa, Ukraine
1999 Lacuum, Tirs, Odesa Ukraine
1999 TV-lization, Contemporary Art Centre Gallery, Moscow, Russia
1998 Be Seen, Tirs gallery, Odesa, Ukraine
1997 Hot Summer 1997, Kyiv, Ukraine